The Carpet Brands that we supply include: Monn, Belgotex Residential Carpets, Belgotex Commercial Carpets, Nouwens Carpets and Van Dyck Carpets.

Why choose carpeting?

Cleaner Air:

Almost 30% of the population today is affected by allergic rhinitis, as compared to 3.8% in 1968. Scientific studies have proven it’s the allergens in the air that cause allergic responses such as asthma and carpets are the only type of floor covering that prevents the release of dust and therefore allergens, into the air.

Easy Care:

A number of carpet ranges are made from the hi-tech Stainproof Miracle Fibre or SDX making them easy to clean and supremely resistant to household spills and stains.

Added Safety:

Use the advantage of luxurious, non-slip carpeting underfoot to cushion those faulty footsteps, whether the first steps of a child or those of an ailing adult.

Cool and Cozy:

Reduce your heating bill and energy consumption and banish cold floors. Carpets are warm in winter, cool in summer offering a 10% better thermal insulation than other floor coverings.

Better Acoustics:

The absorbtion properties of carpets help reduce noise pollution and improve sound quality by minimising vibration and reflection.

Luxury and Comfort:

Orthopaedic specialists confirm that the superior underfoot cushioning from the soft, shock absorbent surface of carpeting alleviates stress and fatigue on your back and joints.